• Heavy Weight paperboard Folding Cartons Inspection Machine
  • Heavy Weight paperboard Folding Cartons Inspection Machine
  • Heavy Weight paperboard Folding Cartons Inspection Machine
Heavy Weight paperboard Folding Cartons Inspection Machine

Heavy Weight paperboard Folding Cartons Inspection Machine

Подробная информация о продукте:

Место происхождения: Китай
Фирменное наименование: FOCUSIGHT
Сертификация: ISO9001/CE
Номер модели: ФС-ВХАЛЛ-1020

Оплата и доставка Условия:

Количество мин заказа: 1
Цена: Negotiable
Упаковывая детали: переклейка
Время доставки: 60 дней
Поставка способности: 20 машин/месяц
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Подробная информация

Высокий свет:

quality control machine


vision system for quality inspection

Характер продукции

Model - FS-WHALL-1020




Focusight is committed to bringing modern cutting-edge technology to its customers. One result of this commitment is the FS-WHALL-1020 which is a revolution in imaging technology for defect-free print products to the end customer with 100% accuracy. FS-WHALL-1020 can inspect all types of print defects and foil errors. The machine neatly separates good and defective sheets into separate piles that can be further analyzed to correct the previous process. FS-WHALL-1020 eliminates costly manual labour while increasing checking speed and process.


Product Details:


Item Parameter
Max. Transportation Speed 120m/min (around 8000pc/hour)
Max. Sheet Dimension (W*L) 1020mm×1020mm (1250mm customize)
Min. Sheet Dimension (W*L) 420mm×300mm
Suggested Gram Weight 200~500g/㎡
Total Mechanical Platform Dimension (L*W*H) 8000mm×1780mm×2400mm
Total Weight 6 Tons


Product Type FS-1020-P1 FS-1020-P2
Applicable Presswork FBB, SBS paperboard, Offset paperboard, Coated free sheet paper, Gold or Silver coated paperboard, Laser paperboard
Regular Printing
Color Misregistration & Variation
Die Cutting Misregistration
Foil Stamping
Holographic Stripe
Variable Barcode & QR code
Vanishing Misregistration
Vanishing Missing/Scratch
Convex Oil Misregistration
Convex Oil Missing/Scratch
Embossing Misregistration



Front Imaging Resolution(Colour Camera) 0.11X0.12mm
Front Imaging Resolution(Angle Camera) 0.05x0.12mm
Front Imaging Resolution(Surface Camera)
Reverse Imaging Resolution (Reverse Camera)



Minimum defect size (as a point) 0.10mm2 (Contrast 20DN)
Minimum defect size (as a line) 0.1mm X 5mm (Contrast 20DN)
Minimum detection area of hot stamping
  • 0.10mm2
Print Mis-Registration detection ± 0.10mm
Die-cutting deviation detection ± 0.10mm (Contrast 20DN)
Local color difference detection
  • E3
Barcode detection Reading frame, error code, repeated code
Characters detection Wrong word, leak word, corresponding to bar code
Appearance detection Spot, broken line, white & black bracing wire, ink leak, warp, skew
Two dimensional code detection Two dimensional code recognition


Features at a glance

  • Friction feeding system with vibrator
  • Airguns are provided to remove dust / dust from the machine transportation platform
  • Suction belt under the camera to hold the cardboard firmly
  • High grade cameras imported from Germany & Canada
  • Camera 1: E2V 8000 PIXELs This camera is used to detect lamination, recomputing, UV, spot UV.
  • Camera 2: E2V 8000 PIXELS, this camera is used to detect EMBOSING, FOILING and DEBOSING.
  • Camera 3.: 4K CHROMOSENSE PRO, this camera is used to detect all types of printing differences, text and bar codes.
  • Camera 4: REVERSE CAMERA (4K) to detect ink, moth, dust and other defects on the back side of the carton



Q: Does the cameras have independent light sources? What type of light source it is?

A: All camera has independent LED type light sources. The light source is from USA, designed and assembled by our company.


Q: Does the camera lenses need to clean, if yes then how?

A: Yes, All the cameras are provided with efficient Air Jet Cleaning system which is programmable by the operator.


Q: How often we require to calibrate the camera?

A: Once calibrated the cameras don’t require it before five years. We can calibrate it on remote support as well if required.


Q: Does machine require any special maintenance other than for cameras?

A: No, it’s very easy, machine platform is just like folder gluer.


Q: How accurately we can control the colour variations?

A: Our machine uses a special spectral camera with separate RGB colour channels for critical colour applications which can check up to △E<3. This is the only one of its kind, No other company has this kind of technology.


Q: What about Embossing and Braille height checking?


A: We cannot check the height of Braille and

Embossing. We only can check missing and mis-registration of both.


Q: How do you ensure the rejected cartons do not get damaged?

A: We have powerful air jet nozzles to actually apply push down the rejected cartons, a positive pneumatic ejector flap is available as an additional feature to ensure the rejected cartons are smoothly ejected to conveyor.


Q: What about the consistency and repeatability?

A: If we talk about the consistency that is approximately 98%. For example if we put 100 cartons, 90 cartons go to Good and 10 cartons go to rejection, if we reefed the 90 good cartons again then 88 cartons may go to Good and 2 may go to rejection. It may be due to those 2 cartons have a very minor acceptability of being in Good category. Repeatability depends on the defects contrast and size. Sometimes it maybe 95%.


Q: Can we generate a Defect report that can be downloaded to a USB for each job?

A: Yes, we can have a summary Defect report for every job with defect images and other details.


Q: How much jobs can be stored maximum on this system.

A: Maximum 3000 jobs can be stored in this system with defect pictures and reports. Each computer has two 1TB hard disks. Only one is used normally, one is backup disk.

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